Welcome To the Dungeon

Posted by Darren Humphrey on Thu, Apr 20, 2023

Welcome To The Dungeon and the sequel Welcome Back to the Dungeon are two fun, quick, light, filler games for up to 4 players that are part of my collection. The main mechanism is Push Your Luck. Each game comes with 4 unique Adventurers with their own unique assortment of items, and a deck of dungeon cards filled with baddies to defeat. Game play is somewhat akin to Name That Tune. You either say “I can defeat that dungeon!” or you chicken out, in which case you remove a monster from the dungeon and a piece of equipment from the Adventurer.

Eventually someone has to go in with whatever equipment is left, and if they win, they get a trophy. First person to two trophies (or the last player standing) wins the game. You’re eliminated if your Adventurer dies twice trying to defeat the dungeon.

Welcome To The Dungeon/Back To The Dungeon Game Boxes
Welcome To The Dungeon/Back To The Dungeon Game Boxes

What makes these games even more fun and replayable is that the two games are compatible with each other. You can use the Adventurers from the original game with the sequel or vice versa.

The organizer for I built works with either the original or the sequel, and you can use sleeved or unsleeved cards with it. Space is a little tight though, so your 4 Adventurers need to be put into 3 stacks. There just wasn’t enough room to give each one its own space.

Welcome To The Dungeon Organizer
Welcome To The Dungeon Organizer


This organizer is my smallest and lightest yet, using a scant 11 grams of filament. It’s so small that it hardly matters what size nozzle you use. Even with a 0.4mm nozzle, you’ll be done in 45 minutes. Like most of my functional nozzles, there’s NO SUPPORTS required, and using a draft printing profile is the way to go. I currently have a 0.6mm nozzle loaded into my printer and I can knock one of these out in under 30 minutes.


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Download Welcome To The Dungeon Organizer 04-21-23

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