Honeycomb Storage Wall - PVC Pipe Ends

Posted by Darren Humphrey on Thu, Jan 25, 2024


I wanted to mount my spools of hookup wire and solder to my Honeycomb Storage Wall for easy access. I figured the easy way to do it would be to make a fitting that accepts a standard piece of PVC pipe and then just cut the PVC pipe to length. This is a dead simple design that I knocked out one morning. I sized it for 3/4 inch pipe.

Here are the two PVC pipe ends without any pipe attached, but with hollow mount adapters attached. I only modeled one of the two ends. The second one was made by simply mirroring the model in the Prusa Slicer.

Pair of pipe ends with hollow mounts attached.

And here are the ends, mounted to the Honeycomb Storage Wall, with a pipe fitted into them. You can make the pipe any length you want, but if you go too long, the pipe might bow on you.

Mounted on the wall with pipe.


In order to make the design self-supporting, I chose to mount it to the wall using the hollow style mounts. You will have to print those separately. I recently learned of a new style of mount that would eliminate the separate mount and I will update when I’ve updated this design. But right now just press-fit the pipe ends into a hollow mounting adapter.

Printing Times

Print this model standing up with the flat side of the hex mount on the build plate. Use the mirror feature in your slicer to make the right-hand side version.

Pair of pipe ends with hollow mounts attached.


Like most of my builds, this build was printed with my new favorite filament: IIIDMAX’s PLA+. It comes in a TON of great colors for a great price. I typically pay about $12/Kg, and sometimes as cheap as $10/Kg when they’re running a sale. Use my referral code and you’ll even save 5% off that price. The best deal is to buy a 10 pack or larger order.


Item Download Link
Download PVC Pipe Holder 3MF V1.0 1-25-24

This work is released under the CC-BY-NC-ND-4 International License

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